Addiction Counselling

I have worked within addiction services for over ten years and have completed an MSc in Addiction Psychology and Counselling. The word addiction can often be seen as a label to judge to people already struggling with how they see themselves. Ultimately it just means that a person is finding it difficult to stop or reduce a behaviour which is causing them trouble.

These behaviours may be around alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, the internet, pornography, spending, or any pattern of behaviour over which a person feels they lack control. I believe that understanding how these patterns have come to be so strong, the thoughts and emotions that surround the patterns and how this impacts a persons view of themselves, are all important in helping someone change their behaviours. This helps release people from the shame that can be so binding.

Shame and judgment are often very powerful for people who struggle with behaviours that they feel unable to change. I believe therefore that a compassionate, honest environment that seeks understanding and a shared sense of working issues through helps people the most.

It can be hard for people to talk about behaviours they struggle with, especially as society often judges these behaviours harshly. I have found in my own struggle with difficult patterns of behaving that safe, empathic relating within agreed boundaries in an open environment allows shame to lessen and new more creative ways of living to be explored.

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